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Thorough Going Over

Today my 944 is having a good going over by the chaps at Project9.

With everything I have planned, I need to know exactly what needs doing that I'm not aware of.

I started this journey with this 944 fixing bits & replacing parts that were listed by JM Garage and the check they gave the car more than 18 months ago.

In that time I've thoroughly enjoyed my little often over-looked gem of a Porsche. There are not many good & excellent 944s around these days, and so the plan is to refresh and restore this one so that it will continue to add miles & smiles to the 204,000 already under it's wheels.

Over the course of the summer (the garage is warmer to work in) and coming winter this little Porsche of mine is going to be rejuvenated - inspired in part by what I've seen some others do to their 944s but largely due to the affection I have for this car. I don't want a 911 and I don't want to follow the sheep into a turbo.

The Hoff is going to be slowly roasted…