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Shock rattle...CV joint rebuild

In trying to locate the source of a little knock I noticed that the NS drive shaft was 'freer' than the OS. I had suspected the Spax damper not fitting snugly enough in the top mounting point so those will be swapped around too.

The driveshaft has a cv joint each end, and having read that low grease may mean they knock, I pulled the left shaft and set about cleaning the joints and repacking them. I bought a pair of CV joint grease tubs from Amazon and tackled them - if the bearings come out its a real work of patience to get them seated in the race again...

It's a bit fiddly getting all six 12 point bolts off each CB joint - marking the joint and stub exile end helps enormously when lining up for reassembly. Now to road test on Drive it Day. Incidentally I saved another 4kgs fitting a new Bosch battery compared to the old brick. That brings the lightweight project to a total of 70kgs saved so far.

MOT time again and it's a pass!

That's a ticket to drive with abandon dear Sirs. To celebrate I've booked a spot on the Retro Cars Brands Hatch track evening. The funny thing is after getting the MOT and taking TheHoff on a celebratory B-road blast - I retired to the garage and promptly started taking the rear end apart to trace an annoying rattle...