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Digital dash clock fix!

Quite a satisfying afternoon today!

Fitted a replacement LCD to my "never worked while I've had it" digital dash clock. Was a bit fiddly taking the unit apart and placing the new screen. At first there was no life after connecting it to the wire behind the dash, but the fuse had gone...replaced that and hey presto!

Working digital dash clock at long last!

Now to finish off the anti-roll bar!

Back on the road again!

What a momentous moment an MOT can be!

At 203,757 miles my Porsche 944 is now road legal again. The last MOT test was November 2010 - that's a fair amount of water under the bridge, and an enormous amount of joy and frustrations along the way to get TheHoff to this point where I can cruise the tarmac again.
After the MOT was completed the wheel geometry was checked and all alignments done.

I have got to say that the 944 got a lot of looks and everyone in the workshop come over at some point to give TheHoff a looking over - especially when they saw the colourful goings on underneath, all the new suspension components and, heard the rumble and burble from the exhaust. Lots of appreciative comments and a reassuring "She's totally solid mate"!

This is the first time I've had the pleasure of driving this Porsche 944 on the road in more than 3 years - the sense of satisfaction and pure driving enjoyment has made the journey worth it.
Milestone reached.