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New Block & Bits

The next step has been taken!

While I had considered buying another used complete engine, with internals in unkown condition, after a few discussions and some research I decided to source a dismantled engine with internals in verifiable condition. This would give me a spare block just in case my current one is too worn.

I had even spoken to Porsche and purchasing a brand new short-engine from them, but at £4700+vat it was outside of budget by a kidney and other internal organs...

A 400 mile roundtrip brought another 944 engine block and associated gubbins into the garage, thanks to a friendly fellow retro car lover with a gorgeous Starion coupe in his garage.

There are a number of components in the lot that aren't pictured that I'll soon catalog before working on adding the other parts needed to complete the engine build.

It's at this point that some serious debate is going in my head that centres around the HotRod philosophy of "there ain't no replacement for dis…