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Shock Dismantling

The shocks I removed looked pretty mangey - they defintely need a nice clean up and paint refresh. Unless I ditch them for something adjustable...

After removing them from the car I began stripping the shocks to inspect the dampers. Getting the top nut off is a little more awkward than I'd hoped. Apparently using a impact wrench will remove it but that failed to work, as the cylinder shaft just spins freely, so I needed an alternative method:

After fitting the spring compressors the tension on the top mount was relieved. The top of the strut has a 6mm allen head recessed in the shaft and the nut is 17mm. The trick is to be able to secure both at the same time. I found this the only approach that would work for me - a 17mm socket with a small hole enabled a 6mm allen key to be inserted so I could hold the socket whilst using a 6mm allen socket on a breaker bar to loosen the two.

Off comes the top mount and spring, and after pulling off the knackered bump stop and cup, the cap screw…