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Hanging loose pulley!

On Friday of the long bank holiday weekend I decided to drive TheHoff to work - it appears as if Friday is the day to do such things with classic cars, as I see all manner of retro & classics out and about on dress down day, and I wanted to join in the fun & games.

Sadly my enthusiasm was curbed rather too soon into my drive...about 200 yards from my driveway when the low oil pressure warning light came on; the steering lost all powered assistance and my heart sank a little while I quickly did a u-turn and headed back for the garage and trusty Preston Tucker.

The cause of my short lived Friday expedition & distress, it turns out, was the crank pulley in rather unusual position - hanging loose.

Upon closer inspection I discovered that the 24mm crank pulley bolt had become undone and had fallen out completely but only as far as the engine undertray thankfully. Which I only thought of while retracing my route to search for the missing bolt...

I ordered up a fresh tube of Lock…

Bathed in burgundy again

It's funny how project cars evolve. A couple of years ago I stripped out the carpet and rubber sound deadening inspired by what Singer are doing to 911s. I must admit I loved the exposed tunnel but I've never got round to finishing off the floor and when I started to think about it, I felt like I wanted to put the burgundy back in...

After two seasons of trying to find a good second burgundy carpet set to modify so that I could keep the lovely white tunnel exposed, I've relented and dug my own set out from storage. They're obviously now extremely hard to come by and I figure I don't want my mint original carpets rotting away out of the car.

So with a rare 2017 sunny spring Saturday and a few hours to spare I removed the seats from TheHoff.

Then after giving the carpets a good vacuum, I started to place them in situ starting with the rear section. Thankfully I didn't need to remove the console, just remove the screws holding it in place.

Then the individual fron…