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31 years and rolling on

I should really update this blog more often. The truth is I don't think of the internet when I take TheHoff for a drive.

Just two weekends ago I pulled the 944 out of winter hibernation and took a friend on a drive. We took in some motorways miles and then some country back roads before pulling into a pub for lunch.

It was one of those glorious spring days in southern England and driving TheHoff was pure pleasure.

What I did notice was some clunking from up front & a pull to the right when I brakes, so when I arrived back at home I drove up on the ramps and took a good look around underneath. What I found was rather alarming - the right side rear wishbone bolts were lose...I tightened them up, and everything else I could find, and then took the car down to the garage to have the wheel alignment checked. With that sorted TheHoff was as solid as you'd like on the way home.

This morning it was annual MOT test time - that's the yearly road worthy test here in the UK. After…